Monday, 19 September 2016

Know about 5 stages of grief anger


To tackle grief is not an easy thing to do. All those who have encountered loss and death can tell you this. Loss is something everyone experiences at one time or another and when there is loss grief has to be there. However the fact is that the sole way of handling grief is to actually handle grief. Before we discuss the 5 stages of grief anger let’s first try and recognize the process of grief.
 According to experts
  • Grief is the method that we use for letting go of what was and getting ready for that which would come.
  • There are more than a few forms of heartache that could provide an outline of what one can expect and help one move ahead.
  • Among the most prominent models is what is known as the 5 stages of grief anger, whose architect is the late Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
Know about 5 stages of grief anger

Though a good number of us are familiar with this model what r the 5 stages of grief this is what we discuss below.

What are the 5 stages of grief anger

The stages of grief in order are:
  • Anger
  • Denial
  • Depression
  • Bargaining
  • Acceptance
The above stages of grief in order are guideposts that help us recognize and recognize what our feelings could be. Not everybody is going to experience all stages, and numerous people are going to get through these stages in a special order. However, generally speaking, grief is going to consist of the 5 phases that we would be discussing below.
The steps of depression denial involve
  • Numbness
  • Shock, and
  • Disbelief
Know about 5 stages of grief anger
When loss occurs most of us cannot believe what has happened.  The person concerned is not actually denying the death/ loss. Instead the feeling is one of disbelief. On the other hand the feelings that one experiences on this phase also protects him/her. Had we taken in all the sentiment associated with the loss immediately, it is going to be too overwhelming. Instead, the body and mind of the affected person has some time to fine-tune with the present state of affairs.
  • The steps of depression denial also involve the affected person telling his/her story repeatedly. This is among the finest ways of handling trauma, and making it real.
  • In due course, we could start making inquiries like “What was the cause of this,” / “Why?” This indicates that we’re getting over the denial part and moving into the process of feeling and healing.
Anger as one of the 5 stages of grief anger
Anger has several manifestations like
  • Anger towards those you are close to
  • Anger towards others
  • Anger towards God
  • Anger at yourself
Anger is an emotion that could be tough to handle.
  • While some are going to express anger promptly and toward anyone / anything there are those who are going to suppress their anger till he/she start feeling guilty of not having done enough for the deceased or have a feeling of anger towards the deceased.
  • Those who identifies and labels their anger might be able to express their anger in better ways without hurting others or ourselves.
Know about 5 stages of grief anger
Those who do this feel that they simply would like living how they used to. This is among the 5 stages of grief anger that could commence ahead of the loss occurring or after it. If the passing away / loss was projected bargaining is likely to have been continuing for some time. If the passing away / loss was abrupt, we could hope of bringing them back or taking step back to the past and alter things. Bargaining helps keep our focus on the earlier times such that we don’t sense the sentiments of today. However bargaining could be helpful as well. After we have accepted that the person we love is dying, we could use it for easing our and their minds.
What follows bargaining is depression and Acceptance of the death of your close one.