Saturday, 12 November 2016

Anger Management Tips for Parents


BEING a parent can test your patience to the maximum.

It is easy to get to boiling point and thats the reason for this article on Anger Management Tips for Parents, whether you have a pre-school child who makes you late by saying "no" to everything or a stroppy teen who goes against your every instruction.

The challenges of parenting plus the daily stress of juggling finances, of running a home or the workplace can mean parents may feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Unaware of the strains they cause your kids end up being surprised and often distressed when what they see as a minor misdemeanor results in a big angry explosion from you.

Anger Management Tips for Parents

All parents want to react patiently and sympathetically to their child and many turn to anger management strategies to keep strong responses under control.

If your battling with your kids, try these Anger Management Tips for Parents  whenever you feel your temper starting to rise.

Recognise the Signs

Take time to assess just how wound up you are. Look for physical responses like tensing your muscles or sweating and feeling hot. There could also be mental responses like 'she deliberately makes me late', 'he doesn't respect me'.

Try These Relaxation Techniques

Counteract physical signs by letting your shoulders drop and shake out tension from your hands . Take a deep breath and being relaxing your muscles. Once you've done this, try to get your thoughts under control and challenge any you feel are over the top.

If you're still struggling, it can help to occupy your brain with something difficult to think about, such as counting backwards from 100 in 7's. Because you're focused on a difficult mental puzzle, you become diverted from focusing on the anger.

Anger Management Tips for Parents

Try to think about the times when you're children have been well behaved and have done what was asked of them. Don't focus just on all the bad things that are going on at that point in time.

Ask yourself how much of your anger relates to things that are stressing you out that aren't related to your child's behavior. They're not responsible for worries about your job security, so try not to let your fears and frustrations spill over and spoil the relationship you have with your child, trying the tips above will relay help you as a parent in managing anger.