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How Do You Know if you have an Anger Management Problem


Do you think you have an anger management problem? If you think you do then you are probably right; rarely do people think they have a problem with their temper unless there's reason. Chances are someone around you has also mentioned the problem or symptoms of the problem, or you've already crossed the line and have lashed out verbally or physically. But if you're still not sure if you have an actual anger management problem or are just a bit emotional, consider a few things.

How Do You Know if you have an Anger Management Problem

Control of anger

First, how likely are you to fly off the handle at what is really a minor incident or inconvenience? Dinner is five minutes late, traffic is just slightly backed up, or the phone rings when you're busy. For things like this, do you react inappropriately with anger and temper?

If so you have an anger management problem. Being angry at war and starving children is one thing, but being angry at dinner that's late or traffic is quite another. Minor irritations should cause minor reactions, not major fits of temper. And of course if you get angry like this all the time then you n doubt have an anger management problem. Anyone can have a bad day or be overly tired or have other reasons for losing their temper on occasion but when your anger flares over small things on a consistent basis then this is a problem. It can be difficult to be honest with yourself about the extent of your anger and temper tantrums and how often they occur but you can't get control of your anger management problem if you can't admit that it exists.

A good counselor

In any event, when it comes to an anger management problem it's always better to be safe than sorry and to seek help or counseling even if you only suspect you need it and aren't quite sure yet. A good counselor can give you an honest evaluation and also share some helpful pointers and tips that will help you keep your temper under control.

Don't Make Others Put Up With Your Anger Management Issues

Another consideration when it comes to an anger management problem is whether or not your temper is interfering with your personal relationships. You may have grown up in a home where everyone had a temper problem and so anger doesn't bother you or frighten you as much as the next person but if your spouse or children or coworkers or anyone else has suffered from an outburst of yours then there is cause for concern.
How Do You Know if you have an Anger Management Problem

You might downplay the damage that's done because your spouse hasn't left you or because you don't have a police record, but this doesn't mean your temper is harmless!

No one should be forced to put up with someone else's anger management problemand remember that mental and verbal abuse is often just as damaging as physical abuse, especially in the case of children. You may very well have an anger management problem that just hasn't caught up with you yet.

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