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Monday, 19 September 2016

Know about 5 stages of grief anger

To tackle grief is not an easy thing to do. All those who have encountered loss and death can tell you this. Loss is something everyone experiences at one time or another and when there is loss grief has to be there. However the fact is that the sole way of handling grief is to actually handle grief. Before we discuss the 5 stages of grief anger let’s first try and recognize the process of grief.
 According to experts
  • Grief is the method that we use for letting go of what was and getting ready for that which would come.
  • There are more than a few forms of heartache that could provide an outline of what one can expect and help one move ahead.
  • Among the most prominent models is what is known as the 5 stages of grief anger, whose architect is the late Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
Know about 5 stages of grief anger

Though a good number of us are familiar with this model what r the 5 stages of grief this is what we discuss below.

What are the 5 stages of grief anger

The stages of grief in order are:
  • Anger
  • Denial
  • Depression
  • Bargaining
  • Acceptance
The above stages of grief in order are guideposts that help us recognize and recognize what our feelings could be. Not everybody is going to experience all stages, and numerous people are going to get through these stages in a special order. However, generally speaking, grief is going to consist of the 5 phases that we would be discussing below.
The steps of depression denial involve
  • Numbness
  • Shock, and
  • Disbelief
Know about 5 stages of grief anger
When loss occurs most of us cannot believe what has happened.  The person concerned is not actually denying the death/ loss. Instead the feeling is one of disbelief. On the other hand the feelings that one experiences on this phase also protects him/her. Had we taken in all the sentiment associated with the loss immediately, it is going to be too overwhelming. Instead, the body and mind of the affected person has some time to fine-tune with the present state of affairs.
  • The steps of depression denial also involve the affected person telling his/her story repeatedly. This is among the finest ways of handling trauma, and making it real.
  • In due course, we could start making inquiries like “What was the cause of this,” / “Why?” This indicates that we’re getting over the denial part and moving into the process of feeling and healing.
Anger as one of the 5 stages of grief anger
Anger has several manifestations like
  • Anger towards those you are close to
  • Anger towards others
  • Anger towards God
  • Anger at yourself
Anger is an emotion that could be tough to handle.
  • While some are going to express anger promptly and toward anyone / anything there are those who are going to suppress their anger till he/she start feeling guilty of not having done enough for the deceased or have a feeling of anger towards the deceased.
  • Those who identifies and labels their anger might be able to express their anger in better ways without hurting others or ourselves.
Know about 5 stages of grief anger
Those who do this feel that they simply would like living how they used to. This is among the 5 stages of grief anger that could commence ahead of the loss occurring or after it. If the passing away / loss was projected bargaining is likely to have been continuing for some time. If the passing away / loss was abrupt, we could hope of bringing them back or taking step back to the past and alter things. Bargaining helps keep our focus on the earlier times such that we don’t sense the sentiments of today. However bargaining could be helpful as well. After we have accepted that the person we love is dying, we could use it for easing our and their minds.
What follows bargaining is depression and Acceptance of the death of your close one.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to deal with anger during pregnancy

Are you having anger issues? Many people who have searched online had almost certainly given up all hopes of getting an article that has information on how to deal with anger during pregnancy. In the section below you would be reading a number of tips on the way of dealing with pregnancy anger outbursts.
Although pregnancy is a joyful instance in one’s life it is also accompanied by enormous bodily changes.
  • The bodily changes become understandable with the enlargement of the abdominal line and
  • The appearance of delightful baby bump from the 4th month of one’s pregnancy
However what remains invisible is the emotional alteration that a mother has to go all through the lengthy nine months.
  • The mood fluctuations are endearing as well as scary.
  • Even though you experience happiness and bliss, you also get disturbed with very trivial things.
How to deal with anger during pregnancy

Pregnancy anger outbursts are such that you are ultimately going to shoot all people about you and you will have no option other than to feel guilty and repent over it.
One should never blame herself while such changes occur. To be able to control anger when you are expecting is rather tough. In the section below are a number of tips that one can make good use of for preventing extreme anger during pregnancy.

How to deal with anger during pregnancy

Given here are a number of straightforward measures that one can put into practice while pregnant for controlling, if not totally suppressing your extreme anger during pregnancy.
Stop being worried
  • This is among the greatest causes of angry pregnant woman
  • The more a woman is worried the more she gets flustered.
  • This is the cause of a major impact on hoe people an angry pregnant woman responds to her.
  • how to deal with anger during pregnancy involves diffusing all your worries as all such concerns are quite trivial when compared against the great amount of joy that is about to arrive in your life.
How to deal with anger during pregnancy
One can label this as rather poetic. However dreaming about the baby that is going to arrive in your life and your part as a caring mom is a key part of how to deal with anger during pregnancy.
  • To day dream when you’re expectant is perfectly alright.
  • Just visualize those tender visuals of spending quite a bit of time with your little one and bonding well with your spouse as you become parents.
  • Visual thoughts plant the seed of happiness and health in your unconscious mind and paves your way to becoming a very pleased person.
  • Yoga and meditation are of great help in handling emotions at the time of pregnancy.
  • Exercises on creating as well as practicing meditation do not just look after your bodily health and also adjusts your frame of mind.
  • Meditate for no less than ten minutes on a daily basis for deriving the most excellent results.
Be present at Support Forums
If it so happens that you are not able to handle your anger you must not feel let down
  • You could try and be present at the various support groups with expectant mothers.
  • Sharing your sentiment with your spouse goes a long way in supporting one another to triumph over the sensation of nervousness and vulnerability.
  • Group ideas and activities go a long way in helping with anger management.
How to deal with anger during pregnancy
Plan out Your Day
Making a plan for the day that lies ahead does more than simply set a routine. It also tunes your mentality to a day as it moves ahead.
Always try to utter a number of firm statements, examples of which are “I am going to be happy all through the day”, “I am not going to get my mood swings get the better of me” among others.

How to deal with anger after divorce

It is truly tough to express the blend of emotions that one could feel when he/she is going through the dilemmas separation and divorce throws at people. To feel angry and aggrieved is an awfully natural element of the process of getting a move on and occasionally it is only natural that a person in such a situation is going to pass the negative ahead of seeing that light of hope. A key element of how to deal with anger after divorce is acknowledging how you feel.
Also important on how to deal with anger after divorce is acknowledging any triggers that could make you angry and start working on these. All parents must do all they can for setting an excellent example for their kids. Thus it is vital that that they hit upon ways on how to deal with anger after a breakup when situations get heated.
How to deal with anger after divorce

There are some normal feelings that one experiences when he/she gets angry and a number of such feelings are
  • Quickening heartbeat
  • Nervousness or
  • Knottiness inside your stomach
This is the way your lets you know that something isn’t all right. If you’re able to recognize such signs before this anger sets it you can try and change how you respond. The fact is that no two persons are similar. While some people get angry very fast there are others who show their anger a lot later.

Top tips on how to deal with anger after divorce

If you’re able to recognize the indications of fury then you would be able to do something on how to deal with anger after a breakup.
  • If you have a feeling that things are becoming heated getting way from such a situation is going to offer you a bit of breathing space and help in calming things down.
  • A thing that you can do for letting go of anger after divorce is taking a fast breather of just some minutes. However a thing that you have to remember is to make certain that no harm is done to your kids.
You might feel that it is impossible to discuss with your ex as things are simply too fresh. In such cases you are normally going to wind up thinking about writing down a note / an email that is going to give you some time to contemplate on what you wish saying and the way of saying it.
  • An intelligent thing to do is to maintain a diary.
  • This is grand method of letting go of anger after divorce as you can express your feelings and so not let your feelings stay bottled up.
How to deal with anger after divorce
How to deal with an angry child after divorce
It is quite likely that the child of a divorced couple will suffer from fits of anger.
  • A way of how to deal with an angry child after divorce is to not “bad mouth” your divorced spouse when your kid in present.
  • The last thing that you would want is that your kid is in a circumstance where he/she feels like having “divided loyalties” as they understand that you’re really upset.
  • Always consider the example that you’re setting for your kid.  If your kid sees you behave in a hostile way they could consider this to be a normal thing to do and this could affect him/her after he/she has grown up.
If a divorced person feels that he/she is powerless over how to deal with anger after divorce he/she should seek advice from his/herGP.  There could be a number of anger management conferences/seminars that this person may well attend for help him/her with this.

Follow these tricks for anger management in workplace

Although, none can ever hire a man without emotions, it is expected that one should know to remaining cool in workplace for sake of maintain a workable environment. But there are occasions that make one angry and everyone passes through such situations. He, who comes out of the situation placidly, wins the race. Anger management is a system of psychological exercises by which one is able to control emotions in workplace. Following these methods of anger management in workplace one shall be able to reduce the effects of anger to an acceptable level of emotional state.
Follow these tricks for anger management in workplace

Why anger management in workplace is required?

A teaching of Buddha says, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” But being humans we are not infallible and therefore we must always be on constant search of ways for managing anger in workplace to overcome our frustration. This article aims to help you know the tricks to stay cool no matter whatever happens.
Follow these 7 basic steps to control anger at work place
  1. Avoid provocations
People react when their buttons get pushed. This is a stimulus-response chain that occurs almost spontaneously if not knowingly controlled. And in such cases you reaction do not come from your rational adult mind and so you lose. For this learning to avoid provocation is the first step of anger management in workplace by alerting your inner-adult of the situation and staying calm
  1. Take time to breath
Although most of the stimuli resultsspontaneous reaction, there is a gap in between. In case you can ignore the stimulus this gap increase and you can react with an adult-like response. Just do some deep breathing before speaking when you think the situation is getting tense. Counting numbers in the opposite direction also helps to stay calm. Of course, you can also find your own way, but in any case you should not react immediately.
  1. Write notes and read
Writing everything on paper helps to find emotional release. So, when you feel tense, just write a note describing the incident and your feeling towards it in details but you should not send such notes to anyone. Read it after sometime and you will see the situation in another perspective.
  1. Go to your trusted colleague
Everyone has at least one colleague who can be trusted in job related matters. Venting the feeling of anger and the cause of it to him works great in anger management in workplace. Just meet him for venting session beyond the earshot of others to release your emotions.
  1. Show compassion
In case one of your team members bursts out, approach him with compassion. By giving support to an angered colleague you can easily dissipate the workplace anger and focus on the common goal in a better way.
  1. Avoid being defensive
Be never trapped into defending your behavior. Consider all options and possibilities with open mind and never fail to accept your own short comings and the correctness of other’s reasoning.
  1. Take a break
Taking break is the last trick in anger management in workplace. In case the situation really get intense it is better to stop what you are doing at the moment and go for lunch or cup of coffee or simply walk some paces. By distancing yourself from the spot you will be able to stem off your anger.

How to find solutions for anger disorders?

The mind of a man is the most complicated things to be supervised. A man does not know what is going inside his mind. The psychological situation which deals with the inner feelings sometimes becomes unknown. It is not possible to measure the ups and downs of the man’s mood. Anger disorders are such kind of examples of fluctuated condition of human mind. This particular symptom depends on various issues.
How to find solutions for anger disorders?

Issues behind anger disorders

There are lots of reasons behind anger disorders syndrome. You cannot dissolve it out if you don’t know the details about it.
Age is one of the main factors behind this typical mental weakness.
  • In your every stages of age, the emotional diversion of our mind scatters in different ways. So, it is essential to hold the focus of our mind in a certain object.
  • Anger disorders can be obvious for you if you cannot settle down your rage. All you have to hold is patience.
  • The disease is not bound to any particular age. When we grow old, our patience decreases. But, anger disorders in children are nowadays a severe issue for the world. People from every age are victim of this particular disease.
How to find solutions for anger disorders?
The main thing which is related to the anger mental disorders is the human mind. Themental disorder is created due to the tension for something.
  • If a man is taking too much stress in his work or somewhere, anger disorders symptoms are gathering in his body. He becomes very much fickle minded, speaks in high altitude, tries not to compromise with anything and many more things are appeared in his mind.
  • If a mind is not happy, the effect falls on the behavior of the human being also. Mind is the big factor for the sake of any kind of disease. But it accomplishes the anger disorders symptoms in a very effective way. Try to keep your mind in a good state to overcome the perils of human psychology.
There are several kinds of people in this world. Some are mild and sober, some are harsh or ruff and tuff. So, it is depended on their character, hoe they behave. From the very beginning of the childhood, a character is made by the home. It always proves your mental characteristics to be altered. In this disease, you can easily be moved by the anger mental disorders syndromes. Even the infants are also victim of anger disorders in children life.
How to find solutions for anger disorders?
Ways to get rid of this
If you are affected with this disease, try to become calm and controlled. It is tough in this specific time, but you must have to do it. Never think hard about something. Don’t pressurize your mind too much. A relax mind can recover your disease. So, try to keep your mind tension free and open. When this phage of time comes in your life, the life becomes bitter. You will understand that you are doing some nonsense, but you cannot control yourself. You also know that the future result of your behavior is harmful to you, but you cannot do anything. The only way to get rid of these bad things is to talk to you. Meditate in a regular basis; try to find out the inner friend.
If you are too much thinking about it, it doesn’t work. So, think less and try to concentrate.